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Cubs Reach Deal With 1st-Round Pick Kris Bryant

The No. 2 overall pick is reportedly getting $6.7 million, the biggest bonus of any player in this year's draft.


I told you not to worry about this. Here's the scoop from CBS Sports' Jon Heyman:

The Cubs are very close to signing No. 2 overall pick Kris Bryant, the big power hitter from the University of San Diego.

Though the deal isn't officially done, the sides are on the way to completing it with the slugging third baseman.

Bryant is expected to receive the biggest bonus under the new system that began last year, topping Mark Appel's $6.35-million deal with the Astros.

This is also what I'd heard myself from a couple of sources earlier this week. The deadline for signing this year's draft picks is Friday, so I'm assuming we'll hear something tomorrow for certain. I'd expect Bryant to report to Mesa for a couple of days for physicals and to be introduced to the Cubs organization, and then perhaps be assigned to Kane County.

Yet another reason for me to plan a trip out there soon.

Update: The teams have now agreed to terms, per Paul Sullivan. Only a physical remains. Bryant will get the full slot value of $6.7 million.