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Where Is Brett Jackson?

The former No. 1 Cubs draft pick hasn't played in three weeks due to an injury, and at least one person in Iowa Cubs management doesn't know where he is.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

This isn't an existential question, it's a serious one regarding Brett Jackson, according to Des Moines Register writer Tommy Birch:

The 24-year-old Cubs prospect landed on the disabled list late last month but has been missing from the Iowa clubhouse since.

Jackson, who was placed on the disabled list with a right calf strain on June 22, is no longer listed on the Iowa team roster.

Iowa manager Marty Pevey wouldn’t shed any light on Jackson’s whereabouts.

"He’s not here," Pevey said.

Pevey said he didn’t know if Jackson had ventured to the Cubs’ extended spring training facility in Mesa, Ariz.

Even before he was injured, Jackson was having the worst year of his career, hitting just .223/.300/.367 with 77 strikeouts in 215 at-bats. You'd think that if he were healthy, he'd be in Chicago, because the Cubs could use another outfielder right now, even just someone who could pinch-hit, pinch-run and play defense.

Jackson's OPS in the minor leagues has declined each of the last four years; he didn't hit well in his brief trial with the Cubs last August and September and played in just 14 spring-training games, going 5-for-17 with a double, triple and six walks.

All of this makes me wonder if Jackson has any future with the Cubs at all.