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Cubs Trade Feldman And Clevenger To Orioles

The first major trade of the 2013 trading season has been made by the Cubs, according to one report.

Mike McGinnis

There has been just one tweet about this deal, and it has not been confirmed by anyone connected with the Cubs, but I thought I'd get it out there:

Law, of course, meant:

At first glance, this looks like an excellent deal for the Cubs. Clevenger wasn't going to be in the team's future plans, and Arrieta -- though he has not been successful in the major leagues -- has been a pretty good pitching prospect for Baltimore for several seasons. He's been bad this year at the big-league level, though, posting a 7.04 ERA in five starts.

Pedro Strop had a good year for the Orioles last year, but has also been bad this year, posting a 7.25 ERA in 29 relief appearances. At 28, he's another reclamation project.

What the Cubs clearly wanted here was the international signing money; exactly how much isn't clear, but perhaps enough to get Eloy Jimenez signed.

There's one more thing to consider from this deal: Feldman was scheduled to start tonight's game in Oakland -- with many of his family members in attendance. No word on what the Cubs might do, but with Monday's off day they could conceivably slot Matt Garza in tonight, as Garza last pitched Thursday in Milwaukee.

There it is -- have at it.