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Matt Garza Is A Texas Ranger

The Cubs sent Matt Garza (and, presumably, all his shaving-cream pies, too) into the heat of the American League West race. In return, they got help for the future.


You'll forgive me if the language in this post is a bit stilted. I wrote up the template for it while tweets were flying all through the last few days, in advance of the trade being officially settled. Plus, I was busy writing the post about traffic and parking when all the details of the deal began to come out.

But settled it apparently is, and Matt Garza is now heading to become a member of the Texas Rangers, just as his former teammate Ryan Dempster did at the trading deadline a year ago.

Here are the facts of the deal that we know as of now, via tweets from Jeff Passan:

Earlier tweets had stated that Garza had been scratched from his scheduled start tonight in Phoenix against the Diamondbacks; it's not yet been announced who will take that start (could wind up being Travis Wood moved up a day, perhaps).

I'll add more information to this post as it becomes available... and just after I wrote that, here came a bit more information:

And, though there has been no official announcement from the Cubs, here is what appears to be the trade:

That would be a pretty good haul for the Cubs. Four players back for one? It looks like Theo and Jed got back a better haul of young players than was given up for Garza three years ago. I'll give a big "yes" to this deal.