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Which Cubs Uniform Do You Prefer?

Blue alternate or traditional gray on the road -- what's your choice?

Joe Robbins

While we sit and wait for Matt Garza to either be traded or not traded, I thought you might be interested in this complete list of jerseys worn in every Cubs game this year, via the excellent site

The Cubs used to let their starting pitcher choose the jersey for that day's game, but they no longer wear the blue alternate jersey at home -- which is just fine with me, as it's not one of my favorites.

It seems, given what you see at that link, that the choice to wear the blue alt on the road is rather random. The Cubs wore it for all three games in the recently-completed series at Colorado against the Rockies. The Rox wore their purple alts for the last two games, giving the game a spring-training feel.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms -- white or pinstripes at home, gray on the road. I'm not a huge fan of alt jerseys for any team; most of them aren't that attractive. And based on the Cubs' team record wearing blue alts (9-16) and gray (10-11) on the road, maybe they ought to stick to the gray.

I posted this mostly for fun, but vote in the poll -- which road jersey do you prefer?