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Still on Matt Garza watch? Check.

So, while we are waiting for Matt Garza to start tonight against the Diamondbacks -- and he's going to do that:

"He’s pitching," Sveum said. "Nothing has changed. Like I said, rumors and everything (are meaningless) until something happens. … Obviously we all know it’s part of the business this time of the year, to talk about it."

Sveum said he hasn’t been in conversations with Theo Epstein or Jed Hoyer about Garza’s status.

So what’s the chance Garza will actually make the start?

"I’d say 100 percent he’s going to be pitching (Monday)," Sveum said.

... how about you tell us what Alfonso Soriano was doing here, or thinking about while he was doing it. Leave your photo caption in the comments.