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Ryan Braun Suspended For Rest Of 2013 Season

This came down much more quickly than anyone might have guessed. Ryan Braun's season had been wrecked by injury and suspicion; now it's over.


As if we didn't have enough big news to deal with today:

This was clearly a suspension negotiated between Ryan Braun, the MLBPA and MLB, because there was no word on any appeal:

Braun issued a statement:

Let me say right now: Clearly, I was wrong in any defense I made of Braun. He was caught during the 2011 playoffs and got off on a technicality. I was wrong, and you all were right. It's good to see that he's taking responsibility for his actions. One more tweet you should read, if you haven't:

Why does this matter? Some people say they don't care about PEDs or steroid use, and that's their right to hold that opinion. But in the wake of the Biogenesis scandal that's resulted in this suspension -- and clearly, there will be others coming -- many current players say they want the sport cleaned up. They want to have a level playing field, and they want to stop the lying, and their teammates hanging around with shady characters.

I commend MLB for swift action. I commend Braun for owning up to what he did, though it's a bit late.

And one more thing, and this is really important: I know how most people here look at Ryan Braun and the Brewers. That's fine, but I implore you to keep your comments clean. There's an important issue here to be discussed, and I think that discussion would be better without profanity or "I told you so" or nasty comments directed toward the Brewers or their fans. Let's show everyone that we can take the high road.

Thank you. Now, have at it.