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Report: Deal To Send Soriano To Yankees Is Near

The longest-tenured and highest-paid Cub may be headed right back to where he started from. For the last time, Soriano may be going, going, gone.


According to George King of the New York Post, the Cubs and Yankees are nearing a deal that would send Alfonso Soriano back to New York, where he began his major league career back in 1999. The Cubs would receive what is termed a "mid-level prospect." The Cubs would also send money to the Yankees to complete the deal.

The 37 year-old Soriano has full no-trade rights as a 10-5 player, but King says he would not block a trade to the Yankees.

Soriano has been with the Cubs since 2007, when former GM Jim Hendry famously gave him an eight-year, $136 million dollar contract. In that time, Soriano helped to lead the Cubs to NL Central titles in 2007 and 2008. After that, Soriano suffered from injuries and reduced production. He's also been an adventure in left field at times. But over the past two seasons, Soriano has been healthy and has been more productive, even if the team has not been.

In his time with the Cubs, he has hit 181 home runs, including 17 so far this season. His triple slash line for the seven years with the Cubs were, before Monday night's game, .264/.321/.504.

If this is it for Soriano with the Cubs, his legacy with the team is mixed. He certainly shouldn't be blamed for the mega-deal Jim Hendry gave him, but there is no doubt that is what many Cubs fans will remember him for. But he's been a slugging outfielder and, from all accounts, an excellent teammate. Unfortunately, except for the first two seasons, he played for some pretty bad and depressing Cubs teams and he became a symbol of that Cubs futility. But no one should accuse Soriano of not trying or not caring, because he always did, even if the results weren't what he or any of us would have liked.

So if this trade actually goes down, godspeed Fonzie.

(H/T to MLB Trade Rumors)