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Cubs/Cardinals Game Aug. 18 Now A Day Game

This is no surprise, but it was confirmed by ESPN scheduling two other teams for that Sunday night. Guess which teams?

David Banks

The Cubs haven't made any official announcement about the headline to this post, but that's the only conclusion that can be drawn, following this tweet:

ESPN's schedule page for August 18 confirms that Yankees/Red Sox will be their featured Sunday night game that day. (Gee, what a surprise.)

The Cubs/Cardinals game for August 18 is listed as "TBD" on schedules; that same page says the Cubs game will be at 1 p.m. ET (noon CT), but the more likely result will be that Cubs/Cardinals game will be a 1:20 p.m. CT start and be televised on WGN. I'll update this post when that's officially announced by the Cubs.

There's one other "TBD" Sunday game on the Cubs' schedule -- September 1 against the Phillies. Unless the Phillies miraculously find themselves in contention, that one's also likely headed for a 1:20 CT start.