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POLL: Do You Like The Alfonso Soriano Trade?

All right, you've had half a day to think about it. How do you feel about the Alfonso Soriano trade?

Al Bello

We've been discussing the possible trade of Alfonso Soriano for what seems to be two years now, ever since Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer took over as baseball management for the Cubs.

Or maybe it goes back even farther than that.

Anyway, with all the talk, and all the news, and all the writing I did with an article over 1,600 words long earlier today, I neglected to add a poll to find out how you feel about this deal, which is, at last, final:

Joel Sherman says the Yankees aren't wasting any time:

He's playing left field, too, not DHing. (Travis Hafner will DH for the Yankees tonight against the Rays.) Anyway, please vote in the poll. I'm pretty sure I know how this one is going to come out, but let's hear it directly from you.