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Cubs Trade Rumors: Who's Left On The Kevin Gregg List?

The Cubs' closer should probably be traded by Wednesday's deadline. The question, then: to whom?


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Veras has been the Astros' closer this year, posting a 2.43 ERA, 1.00 WHIP and 19 saves, one of the brightest points in a bleak season in Houston. (Also proving that almost any pitcher with decent stuff and the right attitude can close, as Veras had been a middling middle reliever with five career saves in 327 games before 2013.) Scratch the Tigers off the list of teams that Gregg could go to.

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So you can probably take the Braves off the list as well, even though Downs is a lefthander; Atlanta has decent depth in their right-handed relief staff and an 8½-game lead in the National League East (though, as we have seen in recent years, leads that large even a month from now might not be safe).

So which contending teams could use Kevin Gregg? The Pirates keep coming to mind, especially after they lost closer Jason Grilli to injury; they have slid Mark Melancon into that role and haven't slipped too much. The fact that they lost two of three to the awful Marlins this past weekend is more due to lack of offense than any bullpen issues.

Indians? Maybe, but the rumors surrounding them have been more focused on starters than relievers. Athletics? Excellent bullpen already. Yankees? Not really much of a contender there. Rangers? They have a closer; maybe they'd want some depth, and they seem to have a decent trading relationship with the Cubs.

I think most of us are in agreement that Kevin Gregg is not part of the Cubs' future, at age 35, and his performance has slipped lately, even with posting three saves over the weekend against the Giants. If he is to be traded, it almost has to be before Wednesday's deadline; he's making just the minimum salary, so he'd certainly be claimed by someone on waivers in August, when they could have him for nothing. At the same time, you'd want to get at least something of value in return for him; a middling A-ball pitching prospect? Why bother, when you can find those guys almost anywhere?

Vote in the poll. Where should Kevin Gregg wind up?