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Cubs Trade Rumors: Kevin Gregg To The Rockies?

Now there's a team you probably didn't expect to see in a Kevin Gregg trade rumor.


The Colorado Rockies got off to a great start this year and were in first place in the National League West for a while. They haven't had a winning month since April, and are currently five games under .500, but just 6½ games out of first place.

That makes them, according to Troy Renck in the Denver Post, "both buyers and sellers". That doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's exactly what Renck wrote:

Colorado has been prepared to act as a buyer and seller as it teeters on the edge of contention.

Huh. Not quite sure how you do that, but reading further into Renck's article:

The Rockies continue to look to bolster their relief corps, deterred by the acquisition of starting pitching in a weak market. The White Sox shipped reliever Jesse Crain, a Fairview High graduate who was a target before his shoulder injury, to Tampa Bay on Monday. Colorado has had interest in the Cubs' Kevin Gregg.

Now there's a team that I wouldn't have expected to get involved. There's just over 24 hours until the non-waiver deadline, and Gregg, if traded, almost has to go by then, because he'd surely be claimed if waived.

So what would you want from the Rockies' organization if Kevin Gregg went there?