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Cub Tracks Is Envious

Seeing the Stanley Cup at Wrigley. Watching the Pirates and the rest of the NL Central run roughshod over the Cubs. It's enough to make a fan a little envious. That's ok, to a point. But if (when?) you get mad or frustrated at the Cubs' struggles, what you need to do is this: go read Al's fanshot (yes, they still exist, people) that links to a sobering article about a young boy's terminal condition and the kind acts (and stunning maturity) of Nationals' outfielder Bryce Harper.

Jonathan Daniel

Lots 'o links for a Sunday.

By the way: I strongly advocated for signing Francisco Liriano. Just sayin'.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The Cubs know Alfonso Soriano is a streaky hitter and hope he's getting hot at the right time.
  • The stats suggest a move to the AL would be good for Soriano.
  • The team is making a splash with international signings. I just don't see it that way. Outside of those who love prospect lists and following the minors, signing these teenagers isn't going to 'move the meter' with "casual fans".
  • Matt Garza has been putting on a show in what is developing into a seller's market. For his part, Garza says he's a Cub until his cell phone rings. Keep it charged, Matt.
  • The Cubs ultimate roster makeover is continuing.
  • Jeff Samardzija is going to need to make adjustments more quickly.
  • The team is still waiting for Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo to be consistent.
  • The catching tandem of Welington Castillo and Dioner Navarro has been pretty productive at the plate.

From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs need to "win" a Matt Garza trade. Well, yeah.
  • If the Cubs are just ignoring IFA spending limits (which I doubt and/or feel like something must have changed amidst all the trades), what does it all mean? Real nice write-up.



From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)

From the Chicago Sun-Times

From the Daily Herald

  • Plenty of pitching moves and Jed Hoyer "unfiltered" in Bruce's blog.
  • The Pirates are showing the Cubs how it is done. Kinda makes all that "Pittsburgh West" garbage even sillier (and, no, it won't take the Cubs 20 years to be good again).
  • Blackhawks Brandon Bollig and Bryan Bickell enjoyed their day at Wrigley.

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