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Cub Tracks Recovers Nicely

Darwin Barney's errorless streak is over, but he made the very next play to erase a mistake. That's a sign of growth: something we Cub fans are looking to see more consistently. In the meantime, come on inside Cub Tracks to find out why Barney will be keeping his glove and ALL of his fingers! (It makes sense, promise.)

Darwin hangs in as Jones bears down.
Darwin hangs in as Jones bears down.

In this edition of Cub Tracks, we have trades, prospects, improvements, and why Len Kasper says the front office needs more credit.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs appear to be the favorites for another highly sought after IFA signing. So much for the budget.
  • The Anarchist's Brunch draws some comparisons between the Pirates and the Cubs. Of note: the Pirates' strong pitching has mostly come from other organizations.



  • Darwin Barney won't be throwing away his glove, or cutting off a finger, after ending his most recent errorless streak.
  • All of a sudden, is the Cubs' bullpen a team strength? Small sample size alert (and all just until Kevin Gregg is traded), but for now the answer might just be "yes".
  • Starlin Castro is going the wrong direction.
  • The road is winding for Javier Baez.
  • Much to Al's chagrin, the first Friday mid-afternoon game did well at the gate.
  • A deal with top draft pick Kris Bryant is in a holding pattern. Relax everyone, he's going to sign.
From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • Darwin Barney's errorless streak just got away from him.
  • There's still plenty of confidence top pick Kris Bryant will sign before this week's deadline.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Jed Hoyer confirmed what should have been, but apparently wasn't, obvious to everyone: the promotion of Javier Baez to Double-A Tennessee had absolutely nothing to do with Starlin Castro.
  • You know Travis Wood made the All-Star team (something that apparently offends Keith Law: Insider article, says Wood isn't even the Cubs' most deserving starter). But did you know that made Chris Bosio proud?
  • The team is excited about the deal that sent Scott Hairston to the Nationals for young pitcher Ivan Pineyro.

From the Daily Herald

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