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Cub Tracks Enters The Dog Days

The trade deadline is over. There will be no more big trades involving the Cubs, at least until the offseason. So now we enter the dog days of August. But the Cubs aren't just playing out the season. How do I know? Read on in Cub Tracks to find out.

Spit balls are illegal, Rover.
Spit balls are illegal, Rover.
Tom Szczerbowski

If you had "under" in Tuesday's Cub Tracks, you win. I don't know what you win, but you did it!

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From the Chicago Tribune
  • The future is looking much brighter for Junior Lake and the Cubs.
  • (Video) Jed Hoyer talks about the activity leading up to the deadline and why the Cubs could still make a deal in August. For my money, I don't think there will be any August deals. The only guys who pass waivers either have big money contracts (which the Cubs don't have "for sale") or are spare parts (which the Cubs do have, but at low costs that make them likely to be claimed).

From the Chicago Sun-Times

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