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Would You Send Starlin Castro To The Minors?

It probably can't be done. But just as an exercise, answer the question.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Consider the source -- Phil Rogers -- but this paragraph in his recap of Saturday's game did get my attention:

With Donnie Murphy on the big-league roster, Triple-A Iowa needs a shortstop for its last two weeks. Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer could try shock therapy and demote Castro, who has played 566 games since he came up from Double A in 2010.

Of course, Murphy didn't simply materialize on the Cubs' major-league roster a day ago; he was recalled two weeks ago. Iowa hasn't been playing without a shortstop since then; the position has been primarily manned by Edwin Maysonet, who played 76 big-league games for the Astros and Brewers from 2008-2012 and some spring-training games for the Cubs this year.

So the question I raise in the headline of this post is: would you do it? Is there any point to sending Starlin Castro to Triple-A for two weeks (he'd certainly be recalled September 1)? Would he learn anything there that he wouldn't learn by sitting on Dale Sveum's bench for a while? Perhaps benching him for longer than just half a game, or even one game, is the way to do it. Sit with Castro on the bench, have him go over every game situation with the coaching staff.

But maybe you think Rogers' "shock therapy" is the right thing to do. If you do, remember this: Castro has more than three years' major-league experience. He does have minor-league options remaining, but would have to clear optional-assignment waivers before being sent down. He might; claiming him would require a team to assume his contract. On the other hand, he's a 23-year-old player with obvious talent and a reasonably team-friendly deal. There are probably teams who would claim him, which would force the Cubs to pull him off waivers.

Thus, it's probably impossible to send him down anyway. But just as an intellectual exercise, would you do it?

I wouldn't, but I think I'd put Castro on the bench for a while. Let him learn the things that he is having trouble with. Unfortunately, Dale doesn't appear to feel this way as Castro is in Sunday's starting lineup:

And the suggestion that he be tested for ADHD isn't an unreasonable one, either.