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Cubs Trade David DeJesus To Nationals For PTBNL

The Cubs have made a waiver trade. And it's not necessarily who you might have expected.

Thearon W. Henderson

David DeJesus will be playing at Wrigley Field Monday night.

This ordinarily wouldn't be news, except he won't be playing for the Cubs:

There's not yet a report on who will pay DeJesus' $1.5 million buyout (or if the Nationals will wind up exercising DeJesus' $6.5 million option, though I'd doubt that); this will save the Cubs some money on next year's payroll. The Nats made room on their 25-man roster by releasing Roger Bernadina.

Since the return is a player to be named later, and the Cubs have not yet announced a roster move, they'll be playing with a 24-man roster tonight, unless a roster move is announced before the game. This likely also means that Junior Lake will be the Cubs' center fielder for the rest of the 2013 season.

Interesting move and nearly impossible to analyze until we know who the PTBNL is (and it's not likely to be known until after the season).

Discuss, etc.