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Cub Tracks Forced Its Way Into The Lineup

Starlin Castro's future in Wrigley may be in doubt, and everyone, including Starlin, has a theory as to what is wrong with him. Will the Cubs go after a Reds outfielder this off-season? Donnie Murphy plays and Logan Watkins doesn't.

Brian Kersey

Here's some food for thought: How come it takes me almost as long to get one "Food for thought" link as it does the whole rest of this column? Is my brain not eating enough? What's a balanced brain diet? I'm guessing it doesn't include Oreos.

So much easier to just tell Buster Olney that tomorrow will be even better.

Anyway, it's good that after today, I can hand this column back to Erik's competent hands. And that's why tomorrow will be even better.

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Today's food for thought