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MLB Bullets Welcomes "Mr. 4000"

Ichiro Suzuki records his 4000th hit. Ryan Braun apologizes and Alex Rodriguez shuts up. Yasiel Puig hasn't changed much and that makes some people crazy. Jason Heyward and Max Stassi both were hit with baseballs to the face.

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Rich Schultz

It seems that after over a year of working on it, ESPN is pulling out of a documentary done in conjunction with PBS's Frontline about the NFL and concussions called "League Of Denial." They claim they had a problem with Frontline maintaining editorial control about what appeared on PBS, although they would have editorial control on anything they decided to televise on ESPN's Outside the Lines. ESPN claims it has nothing to do with the NFL strongly disapproving of the documentary nor maintaining the relationship ESPN has with the NFL through Monday Night Football. In my opinion, Ryan Braun is a lot more believable than that.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.