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Rays Acquire David DeJesus From Nationals

DDJ's 2013 odyssey just got a little bit stranger.

Brian Kersey

Monday afternoon, just before the Cubs/Nationals game at Wrigley Field, David DeJesus switched clubhouses. He was traded for a PTBNL or cash to the Nats.

DDJ played in three games for Washington, starting none of them; he went 0-for-3 and played as a defensive replacement.

Instead of heading to Kansas City with the Nats, though, DDJ has another destination:

It's not yet clear what the Nats will get in return, or whether they just told the Rays, "Here, he's yours, take him," along with about $2.5 million remaining on his contract.

So instead of spending his weekend in K.C. helping the Nats out against the Royals, DDJ heads to Tampa, where the Rays will host the Yankees.

DDJ should thank Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Mike Rizzo. In four days he's gone from last place on a likely 90-loss team, to a near-.500 club still out of the running, to the team that's currently leading the American League wild-card race. DDJ has played in 1,242 major-league games without appearing in the postseason; looks like he'll have a shot at that this year, barring a total collapse by the Rays.

The only other player I can remember shipped off in two deals like this that quickly was Mike Piazza, who was traded from the Dodgers to the Marlins May 14, 1998 and then to the Mets eight days later.

Good luck to DDJ. Enjoy the postseason. If any of you watched all of the Cubs/Nats games this week, you saw DDJ's entire Washington career.