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Cub Tracks Needs Veteran Leadership

There's been a lot of talk about age around here the last couple of days. It sure looks like the Cubs could use some help getting through the dog days of August.

Good seats still available.
Good seats still available.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The Cubs will sign some more vets for next season. But remember: TANG.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den


From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • James Russell insists he's not worn down. That's what I'd expect him to say, but your eyes tell you otherwise. Chalk up "only one lefty reliever" as a demerit for Theo.
  • Gordo thinks the Cubs look like an expansion team.
  • All of a sudden, it looks like the Cubs just might be on the wrong side of the Rizzo for Cashner trade.

From the Daily Herald

  • The Cubs' young players are learning life in the clubhouse in August can be really trying.

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