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Matt Garza Gets In Trouble On Twitter

The former Cub made news Saturday with tweets.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

I thought about this for quite some time before writing about it, but figured, "Hey, it's a story, and it involves someone who was a member of the Chicago Cubs until two weeks ago," so here goes.

Matt Garza pitched against the Athletics Saturday afternoon. In the seventh inning, with the A's up 3-2, Eric Sogard (pictured, above, with Garza after the play) executed a squeeze bunt to give the A's an insurance run. This is a perfectly acceptable baseball play under the circumstances, especially between two division rivals fighting for a division crown.

Not according to Garza it's not, though. Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle tells what happened next:

Not content to just swear at Eric Sogard and insult him for his squeeze bunt in the seventh inning today, Rangers starter Matt Garza then apparently took to Twitter to slam Sogard and his wife, Kaycee, tonight. Garza uses a locked account, @Gdeuceswild, that has been confirmed as his in the past.

Nothing describes the content better than the tweets themselves:


Kaycee Sogard, via her own Twitter account, apparently found it funny. After the game Saturday, Garza spent several hours on Twitter after this incident talking about "negativity" and letting his "competitive edge out".

I can understand an athlete being a fierce competitor. That's certainly what has made Matt Garza a success at the major-league level. This kind of thing crosses the line, I'd say.

Here's the take on this incident from our SB Nation Rangers site Lone Star Ball.