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MLB Bullets Is Ready To Hand Down Suspensions

The Biogenesis suspensions are due today. A former Cubs pitcher goes nuts on Twitter, apparently because he can't field a bunt. The Braves are building a huge lead in the NL East, but some are still worried. Derek Jeter is hurt again and CC Sabathia isn't fat enough anymore. Dave Winfield celebrates an odd anniversary.

Dave Winfield
Dave Winfield

I got a chance to meet up with a lot of other SB Nation bloggers yesterday and talk with bloggers/fans who represent lots of different teams and sports. It was a lot of fun to compare and contrast the issues with writing about MLB to the issues of NBA, NCAA and MLS writers. Also with the writers from the other baseball teams in SB Nation.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Certainly for all those players whose suspensions were announced today.