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Cub Tracks Is Feeling the Weight

Whether it's the weight of a potential contract extension or the pressure of getting swept, the Cubs are feeling a heavy burden. How will they carry on? Maybe a drink with Kim DeJesus would do the trick. Barring that, find out in today's Cub Tracks.

Oh no.
Oh no.
David Banks

This team is going to be hard to watch for two more months. Come to terms with it.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune
  • (Video) This is one of the joys of the game. Logan Watkins talks about the excitement of getting "the call".
  • Paul Sullivan did an exit interview, as he is departing the Cubs beat, with Darwin Barney. (Serious? A joke? You make the call.)

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Carlos Villanueva hopes the young Cubs are watching the vets after stomaching a tough four game sweep at the hands of the Dodgers.

From the Daily Herald

Today's food for thought

  • Here's a time-lapse video of the Mars Rover "Curiosity"', reviewing its first year on the red planet (caution: needlessly loud audio, be ready to turn it down).
  • To continue the space theme, here's a stunning new photo of the Andromeda Galaxy.