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Cub Tracks Takes Up Arms

Let's try for some good news today. There are a lot of favorable reviews regarding the state of the Cubs' pitching staff. As eyes turn to next season, we look at who will start, how the relievers are improving, and how the club rather suddenly has several interesting pitchers. And one more thing: Scouts and some writers think Starlin Castro should slide over to make room for Javier Baez.

We'd all like better results, but we appreciate the effort, fellas.
We'd all like better results, but we appreciate the effort, fellas.
Jonathan Daniel

Hope you like to read about pitching...

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • The prospect countdown (count-up?) continues with 11-20. Then the continuing continues with 21-30.
  • Some more interesting notes. The Cubs Den rumor mill thinks a five-year extension may be coming for Travis Wood, more money will be there for a bid on the latest Japanese import, why staying in the top four of the draft is a good idea, a fairly highly thought of prospect is making a position switch, and Dale Sveum may well be staying. That enough for ya?
  • Would the Cubs be better off shifting Starlin Castro to second base and letting Javier Baez take over shortstop?



  • Anthony Rizzo talks about his season.
  • Dale Sveum's future is tied to more than Rizzo and Starlin Castro.
  • The Cubs have a long way to go in a tough division. I agree, but with a caveat: lots of weird stuff happens in baseball. Players get hurt, others slump, others still shine. Point being, you can't, or shouldn't, just pencil the Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates in for 90+ wins for the next few years automatically.
  • It looks like four spots in next year's pitching rotation are locked up.
  • One of those players is Jeff Samardzija. He has a long way to go.
  • The Cubs lost 50 games at home. That stinks. But seriously, what did you expect?
From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times

From the Daily Herald

  • Hector Rondon is finishing strong.
  • The winner of the Andrew Cashner for Anthony Rizzo trade is looking more in doubt. Caution: this is a Mike Imren article. He's a columnist and, in my opinion, not a very good one. But I thought the topic was interesting enough to pass along.

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