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Cubs, White Sox Set Chicago City Loss Record

The two clubs combined for 195 defeats in 2013. No Chicago baseball season has ever seen more losing. But it's not nearly the worst two-team city combined loss total.

Brian Kersey

This post is... well, kind of a placeholder until we find out what's going to happen with Dale Sveum and his staff, presumably later Monday. I thought I'd give all of you something to talk about while we're waiting.

The Cubs and White Sox combined for 195 losses this season; that's the most in Chicago baseball history, breaking the previous mark of 191 set in 1948. (Granted that the previous record was set in a 154-game season, and it might have been higher if there had been more games played.)

You might think that's the most by any one city ... and you'd be way, way wrong. We think of the two-team cities/markets as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area, but before the great migration of teams in the 1950s, Boston, St. Louis and Philadelphia also had two major-league teams... and sometimes, very bad teams. In fact, 18 other city/team combinations besides this year's Cubs and White Sox have lost 195 games or more in a single season, most of them during the time of the 154-game schedule.

Please note: the Dodgers played in Brooklyn, part of New York City, until 1957, and the Yankees were known as the "Highlanders" until 1912. I'm also intentionally limiting this to two teams per city; New York had three teams through 1957 and obviously would have had more total losses than this among the three clubs in many years.

Here's a complete list.

City Losses Year Team #1
Team #2
Philadelphia 208 1942 Phillies, 109
Athletics, 99
Boston 207 1906 Red Sox, 105
Braves, 102
New York
204 1908 Highlanders, 103
Dodgers, 101
Philadelphia 204 1938
Phillies, 105
Athletics, 99
Philadelphia 203 1921 Phillies, 103
Athletics, 100
Philadelphia 203 1939 Phillies, 106
Athletics, 97
Philadelphia 203 1940 Phillies, 103
Athletics, 100
Philadelphia 201 1941 Phillies, 111
Athletics, 90
Philadelphia 200 1936 Phillies, 100
Athletics, 100
199 1928 Braves, 103
Red Sox, 96
S.F. Bay Area
199 1979 Athletics, 108
Giants, 91
St. Louis
197 1910 Browns, 107
Cardinals, 90
New York
197 1912 Yankees, 102 Dodgers, 95
Philadelphia 197 1920 Athletics, 106
Phillies, 91
Boston 197 1927 Red Sox, 103
Braves, 94
New York
197 1965 Mets, 112
Yankees, 85
St. Louis
195 1913 Cardinals, 99
Browns, 96
Philadelphia 195 1943 Athletics, 105
Phillies, 90
Chicago 195 2013 White Sox, 99
Cubs, 96

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So, it's bad here in Chicago, baseball-wise, in 2013. The table above shows, in the old words of Jack Brickhouse, "It sure could have been worse!"

And, hopefully, it starts getting better next year.