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2014 MLB draft

An IFA Signing, And Unfinished 2014 Draft News

Thursday is an off day for the major-league Cubs, and a good time to catch up on some unfinished business.

Cubs Sign Stinnett, Three Others

Four big names on the Cubs draft board are now officially wearing Cubs blue.

2014 MLB/Cubs Draft Post-Prep

Looking back at the draft, and looking forward to what's next.

Cubs MLB Draft Recap

A look back at the Cubs 40 picks in the 2014 draft.

Day 2 MLB Draft Discussion Thread: Rounds 3 to 10

Talk about the next group of possible Cubs here.

BCB Welcomes 1st Round Pick Kyle Schwarber

Bleed Cubbie Blue would like to welcome Kyle Schwarber and second-rounder RHP Jake Stinnett to the Cubs family.

This stream has:

2014 MLB Draft

Everything you wanted to know about the Cubs and the 2014 draft can be found in this StoryStream.

2014 MLB Draft Overflow Thread

Discussion Thread: 2014 First-Year Player Draft

The 2014 First-Year Player Draft Discussion Thread

Today's the day we welcome new players to the Cubs family.

With The 4th Pick In The Draft, The Cubs Select...

BCB's Tim Huwe does some crystal-ball gazing to see if he can suss out who the Cubs will select today.

2014 MLB Draft: TV Schedule

Wondering how to follow the draft? Here are all the particulars.

2014 MLB Draft Week: 20 To Ponder In Middle Rounds

Here are a handful of names to monitor on Thursday and Friday after the first round. The Cubs might draft some of them.

50 Years Of Cubs Drafts: A Tragedy In 5 Acts

If you want to know why the Cubs haven't won anything, this is a good place to start looking.

2014 MLB Draft Week: Reviewing Recent Cubs Drafts

Today's Draft Prep looks back and ahead.

2014 MLB Draft Week: The Basics

Today's Draft Prep goes over the current basics of the MLB Draft.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Presents The 2 Draft Boards

Many of you may be familiar with fantasy drafts. If so, that might help, with just a week to go before the draft.

2014 MLB Draft Prep: What's Left?

How can the Cubs get any of the remaining top three options?

With The Fourth Pick, The Cubs Select . . . ???

Why wait until June to find out who the Cubs are taking?

2014 MLB Draft Prep Has Its Fruitbasket Upset

Remember how nice and tidy the draft's first four picks looked recently? That's gone away now.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Expands Its Focus

1.4 is coming into view. Can there be a benefit?

2014 MLB Draft Prep Assesses Aaron Nola

East Carolina righthander Jeff Hoffman had a few people watching him on Thursday. He did okay. But I want to talk about Aaron Nola.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Begs An Ace

Since the top few picks in this year's draft figure to be pitchers, can the Cubs secure an ace?

2014 MLB Draft Prep Promotes Two Podcasts

Draft Prep is longer than usual this week.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Uses Horse Meds

Another Rays prospect gets suspended for using a banned substance. When is enough enough?

2014 MLB Draft Prep Gets Confused

Something old and something confusing in this week's draft prep.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Seeks An Advantage

A bit of meandering on a few topics today.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Adds A Name

After a week off, Cubs Draft Prep returns with a new name.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Complains To The NCAA

Poor Ryne Sandberg. He might have a hard time getting much help from the draft in the near term.

2014 MLB Draft Prep Gets Grounded

Due to the storms in the southeast, the college baseball schedule was a bit irregular.

2014 MLB Draft Prep: Who Will The Cubs Pick?

You're going to become quite familiar with some of these names over the next few months.

2014 MLB Draft Prep: An Exercise

Updates and hypotheses on this year's MLB June draft.


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