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Alex Rodriguez Suspended For Entire 2014 Season

Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz has handed down his decision. Now, the fun starts.

Mike Stobe

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for the entire 2014 season, including any postseason games his team plays in, according to this tweet:

That's a reduction from the MLB-imposed suspension last year, which was to have been 211 games (that was how many games remained in the 2013 season, plus all of this year). Here's how it will affect the Yankees:

And, of course, this isn't the end of this story, by any means:

So those are the immediate details. Numerous reports over the last several months say that federal courts almost never overturn the result of a collectively-bargained arbitration, unless there is some sort of malfeasance on the part of the arbitrator. I don't have any details on this ruling at this time, nor am I a lawyer, but Horowitz has an impeccable reputation in the industry and to me, it seems extremely unlikely that A-Rod will get any relief from this suspension in the courts.

But that's where we're headed next, apparently. The whole thing is just sad, that someone who was so well-respected in baseball over the first half of his career, seemingly headed to the Hall of Fame and record-breaking performances, likely ends his career in shame.