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Cubs Announce Mascot Named 'Clark'

Do the Cubs need a mascot? Well... now they have one.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

At an event at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s Pediatric Developmental Center tonight, the Cubs will unveil their new official mascot, "Clark".

“The Cubs are thrilled to welcome Clark as the team’s official mascot,” said Cubs Senior Director of Marketing Alison Miller. “Clark is a young, friendly Cub who can’t wait to interact with our other young Cubs fans. He’ll be a welcoming presence for families at Wrigley Field and an excellent ambassador for the team in the community.”

Clark's primary role will be to work with Cubs Charities in their ongoing mission to seek improvements in health and wellness, particularly for children. He's going to make appearances on the Cubs Caravan, at the Cubs Convention and at other charity events.

Clark has an official backstory!

Clark was born loving the Cubs. His great-grandbear Joa was the team’s original live bear mascot back in 1916. When Joa retired to the Lincoln Park Zoo, he delighted the young bears with amazing Cubs stories and Clark was hooked! One day, Clark heard the roar of the crowd coming all the way from Wrigleyville, so he followed the sound to Wrigley Field—just in time to see the Cubs raise the ‘W’ flag.

Inspired by Clark’s enthusiasm and love of all things Cubs, the team invited him to continue the family tradition and become their official mascot! Soon, he’ll receive his very own Clubhouse. Clark’s favorite thing to do is hang out around the ballpark, keeping spirits high and kids excited.

The story about the live bear is absolutely true -- here's a Tribune article from 2008 that gives more details. Credit to the Cubs for acknowledging history in creating this mascot.

I've said in the past that I didn't think the Cubs needed a mascot, but the kinds of things that "Clark" will do seem a good way to engage kids in Cubs baseball, and to perform some good charitable work on behalf of the team, all of which are positive things.

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