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Cub Tracks Goes Back To Prospecting

Tanaka Watch will continue for a little bit, but we may as well focus on the players we do have. Cub Tracks catches up with prospect progress, starts negotiating, and learns new words, thanks to a map.

Let's all be looking ahead with Javy.
Let's all be looking ahead with Javy.

The team may still stink, but the Convention is sounding a little more entertaining.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • He's not mentioned in the same breath as the "Big 4", but the Cubs have big plans for first base prospect Dan Vogelbach.
  • The Cubs are looking to cash in with their next TV deal.

From Cubs Den

  • Some thoughts on Masahiro Tanaka, the idiotic Yahoo! article, the Cubs' payroll and Theo's spending patterns. The part about how the Red Sox were built should be required reading for some of this site's antagonists.
  • Checking in on the rest of the NL Central.
  • Here's a fond look back at the '89 Cubs, who featured an entertaining double-play combo of Shawon Dunston to Ryne Sandberg to Mark Grace.
  • A notes column looks at's top shortstop prospects. You'll probably like where Javier Baez ranks on the list. There's also a quick little video, though I wouldn't say it adds much.


  • Speaking of Baez, he hopes his stay in Triple-A will be short. Of note, it's mentioned near the bottom of the article that Baez and a number of other top prospects will be at the Cubs Convention later this month.
  • The team has welcomed the first fans to the new facility in Arizona.
  • Team marketing execs hope the new mascot will be - wait for it - unbearably cute.


  • As the pitching market continues to develop, the Cubs seem content to wait with Jeff Samardzija.
From the Chicago Tribune
  • It's a very big week at the negotiating table for the Cubs. The club and its arbitration eligible players will be exchanging numbers today, but will keep working to negotiate a deal. The club hasn't gone to arbitration with a player since Ryan Theriot in 2010.


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