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Cubs Sign Former Rookie Of The Year Chris Coghlan

It's a minor-league deal.

Marc Serota

You've been asking for Cubs player news. And now, you have Cubs player news!

Chris Coghlan was named National League Rookie of the Year in 2009. Truth be told, it was a pretty weak selection. Coghlan hit all right -- .321/.390/.460, OPS+ of 122 -- after he was pressed into service in the Marlins' outfield. (He was mostly a second baseman in the minor leagues.) He even got some MVP votes, finishing 28th. Andrew McCutchen would have been a better ROY selection.

Anyway, that was the peak of Coghlan's career. Since then he's hit .242/.307/.352 in 915 at-bats and has spent some time back in the minor leagues. He's 28, and so still might have a chance to return to that 2009 level. Consider this the 2014 version of last year's Brian Bogusevic signing. Coghlan has played just one game in the infield in the major leagues, but has played some third base in the minors over the last couple of seasons, and perhaps that versatility was appealing to Theo & Jed.

It's not official, but I assume this will also include an invitation to spring training.