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Cub Tracks Gets A Grip

Mascotgate. Mascotpalooza. Mascotgedon. While lots of people flip their collective lids over the Cubs' new mascot, Cub Tracks is busy trying to get a grip. On reality and everything else happening in the team's world. Today there are lots of notes, a manager as a secret weapon, fans bringing the heat, and blue lava.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

I'm sooooooooooo over mascot discussions.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Many people with Cub ties have participated in the Chicago Blackhawks' "shoot the puck" promotion. Former Cub outfielder David DeJesus was the most recent.
  • Patrick Mooney asks whether Rick Renteria is a timely fit for the Cubs.

From Cubs Den

  • Some Cubs notes on bounceback candidates, mascots, payroll, and more.
  • One of the writers wants fans to get a grip when it comes to the new mascot.
  • One of the writers recalls "finding Ron Coomer" and the 2001 Cubs.
  • More notes look at a potential TV deal, Nyjer Morgan, Suk-Min Yoon, and eight Cub prospects landing on a Top-100 list.
  • Even more notes on Cubs Convention, Rick Renteria, Paul Maholm, Clayton Kershaw, and more prospect lists.



  • An Insider only article likes the Cubs' chances to bounce back. Three of the top six bounce back candidates are Cubs.
  • Jim Bowden has the missing link for each NL team. I don't know what he lists for the Cubs, but I do know that when I think of "missing links," I think of Jim Bowden.
  • The team is not surprised, but still disappointed at some of the extreme backlash against the new mascot.
  • That article followed an article that listed the 10 worst mascots ever.
  • Jon Greenberg thinks the mascot is a misstep that is tripping up the Cubs. Because... of course the new mascot has any impact whatsoever on any on-field happenings. Sigh.
From the Chicago Tribune
  • Paul Maholm could be part of "Plan B" if (when?) the team is not able to land Masahiro Tanaka (just one week till this is over).
  • Hat tip to the Trib, for putting the mascot unveiling to productive use. They've got a series of videos with the prospects who were at the mascot's first appearance. Click on the video link after the names to hear from the players: Junior Lake (video), C.J. Edwards (video), Kris Bryant (video), Kyle Hendricks (video), and Javier Baez (video).
  • Note to Jon Greenberg and all the other imbeciles who think the mascot matters: the guys talking in the videos will have roughly 1,472 times more to do with whether the Cubs are successful on the field than Clark the mascot. (My view: I do not care one iota about the presence or absence of mascots that exist to entertain children, as long as they do not disrupt my view of the action if I'm at a game.)

From the Daily Herald

  • Bruce Miles wonders if Cubs fans will bring the heat against the team's administration during the upcoming Cubs Convention.


Today's food for thought

  • There is a volcano in Indonesia that is flowing with blue lava.