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Billy Joel Playing Wrigley Field July 18

The Cubs just announced their first 2014 concert.

Billy Joel at Wrigley in 2009
Billy Joel at Wrigley in 2009
MCT via Getty Images

Are you a Billy Joel fan? Then you'll like this announcement:

This will be Billy Joel's second go-around at Wrigley Field, as he and Elton John played Wrigley July 16, 2009.

No, this is not baseball news. Yes, I would like to see the Cubs sign Masahiro Tanaka, or any other baseball-team-related news, because after all, that's why we're all here, to see the Cubs put a winning team on the field.

Nevertheless, concerts have been a part of Wrigley for the last several seasons and that's likely to continue, since they put revenue in the team's pocket without them having to share it with the other MLB clubs. That's a good thing.

There's one thing I'll note here that could be an issue. The Cubs will be playing their first post-All-Star-Game contest July 18 in Arizona. They'll be back at Wrigley only four days later, to play the Padres in a night game July 22. That's not much time to get the field in shape for baseball after a concert. It'll be a very quick turnaround for the grounds crew.