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Cubs Minor Parts: Stephen Bruno

Another in a continuing series of profiles of Cubs minor leaguers.


Stephen Bruno: 5-9, 165

Utility player, projects as a second baseman

Seventh-round Cubs draft pick in 2012

Projected Landing Spot in 2014: Daytona or Tennessee

Rule 5 eligible: 2015

Possible Cubs Comp: Mark Grudzielanek

Stephen Bruno did what a college vet is supposed to do in the Northwest League in 2012. He mashed it to the tune of a .938 OPS. He was putting up similar numbers in Daytona until an injury ended his season. I would like to put Tennessee as his landing spot, as plugging him in at second base with that team would add another solid stick, but he might be a tweener. (Actually, any more, many players are, in the system. If you're projected at High-A, but struggle in the spring, you might get deposited in Low-A. Such is the joy of a solid system. No free passes to the next level.)

Bruno is a hitter, pure and simple. In his first two (admittedly partial) seasons, he's hit .361 and .362. That isn't on-base or slugging. That's good old batting average. His glove is a work in progress, but if he can keep hitting, and stay healthy, someone will have a use for him in the majors sometime.

I'm good with the Grudzielanek comp, as I think Bruno will be a second baseman. He could float some, as needed, but he will probably advance as a bat-first 2B. Watch the OPS on Bruno, as another OPS of over .900 might get someone's attention.