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Cubs Minor Parts: Josh Conway

Our series on Cubs minor leaguers continues.


Josh Conway, righthanded pitcher, 6-1 175

Drafted in the fourth round in 2012

Projected Landing Spot: Kane County or Mesa

I was familiar with Josh Conway from his pitching at Coastal Carolina University. They end up being the early college season go-to options. They have a solid radio crew, and their top-end players are generally good enough to get drafted, and have pro careers. Looking at the list of Chanticleers recently drafted wouldn't do much for someone not familiar with the school, but seeing Taylor Motter, Tommy La Stella, and Tucker Frawley bring back memories. Until I figure out who to follow (East Carolina this year), or if nobody else is playing, Coastal makes a good listen.

After being drafted coming off of Tommy John surgery, Conway was about to go to either Kane County or Daytona in early May 2013. Then came his oft-discussed injury. (At least, oft-discussed when I'm talking.) What you're contemplating is a pitcher with an injury history. He turns 23 in April, and doesn't have a minor league statistic yet. If you are evaluating things on "He has to accumulate a WAR of (insert number here) or his career is irrelevant", then yeah, his next two years are kind of important.

If Conway is going to be anything more than a blip on team history, 2014 is huge for him. On the other hand, having exchanged a few tweets with Conway through the years, I think he'll do just fine, with or without baseball. He harbors no ill-will toward the Brewers (see the link above for details), and seems very level-headed about his comeback chances. For a time in my life, I suppose, I wanted the Cubs system loaded with players having a Type-A personality about pro baseball success. Now, I'm getting better with people who give it as solid of an effort as they can. If injuries, or other players being better than they are, happens, you adjust.

Conway will probably do just fine. His injuries may have turned him into a reliever (though I'm not hearing that anywhere) to get him moving through the system. He might have one last chance this season at starting, though.

My guesses for 2014 are as follows: If healthy, Conway will get a chance to pitch for Kane County. If my schedule permits, I'd enjoy watching him pitch on a field where the grounds crew actually does their job well. And that Coastal versus Illinois game in Myrtle Beach sounds like one to listen to on my computer.