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Cubs Multi-Game Ticket Packs On Sale Friday

The Cubs have announced several different ticket packages you can buy in advance of the single-game sale.

David Banks

Cubs single-game tickets go on sale Friday, March 7, but before that, you can buy various ticket packs at this link this Friday, January 24 at 1 p.m. CT. The packs are for six, 10 and 14 games; here are some details of each one:

The Cubs 6-Game Pack provides a choice of four different pre-selected, six-game plans: First, the "Wrigley 100 Pack," featuring the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field April 23, along with games from five other decade-themed homestands. The "Sunday Family Day Pack" features retro toy giveaways and opportunities for kids 13-and-under to run the bases post-game, while the Cubs will wear throwback jerseys from each decade being celebrated. The "Summer Six-Pack" features six summer dates from June through August, and the "Opening Day Pack" includes Opening Day, Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday and a Crosstown Cup matchup with the Chicago White Sox.

The Cubs 10-Game Pack provides a choice of four different pre-selected, 10-game plans. Options include the "Decades Bobblehead Pack," with each game featuring a unique bobblehead celebrating a historic event from Wrigley Field history; the "Wrigley Field Throwback Pack" featuring all 10 home dates of throwback jerseys, including Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday game; the "Nights and Weekends Pack" comprised entirely of weekend and night games, including a matchup with the Chicago White Sox; and the "Rivals Package" featuring matchups with division rivals, the Chicago White Sox and an Interleague matchup with the New York Yankees.

Finally, there's the Cubs 14-Game Flex Pack. This package allows fans to select from three Marquee games, such as Opening Day, matchups with the New York Yankees and summer weekend dates vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, plus 11 additional games from each month throughout the season. Overall, you can select from 44 total games when purchasing the Cubs 14-Game Flex Pack.

"These multi-game packs give our fans a chance to purchase their must-have dates for Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday season, as well as an option to customize their own plan before single game tickets go on sale March 7," said Colin Faulkner, vice president, Sales and Partnerships, Chicago Cubs. "These ticket packs feature a selection of our most popular opponents and Wrigley Field 100 promotional dates, resulting in a ticket plan that can be tailored for every fan."

For all these packs, you can buy tickets in the bleachers or the seating bowl, but you must buy the same number of tickets for each game you choose. There are no fees charged for any of these packs.