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Brewers Sign Matt Garza

It's a four-year, $52 million contract.

Scott Cunningham

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, as you know, is generally pretty accurate when he reports these kinds of signings, so I'll take this one as true:

I'm posting this mainly for news and information -- not to say, "I'm glad the Cubs didn't bring Matt Garza back," although I certainly am glad of that. I hope when the Cubs play the Brewers and he's pitching, the Cubs bunt at him all day long.

I'm also posting this because the four-year, $52 million terms that are noted in Rosenthal's tweet could give a benchmark for what similar pitchers still on the market might sign for. Garza's signing is the "break the logjam" event we've kind of been waiting for, to get the free-agent market moving again, just three weeks before pitchers and catchers report.

Your reactions, and thoughts on who the Cubs might be able to sign now that this is done, in the comments.