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Cub Tracks Is Packing Up

Well, metaphorically, at least. The team is packing boxes to head to spring training. So Cub Tracks takes another look at some of the players who will meet that cargo in Arizona. Projections that are breaking bad (for the Cubs), happy trade returns, Chris Bosio's confidence, and our robot future are on today's docket.

Will Bosio be coaching Shark this year? Stay tuned...
Will Bosio be coaching Shark this year? Stay tuned...
David Banks

If you're feeling bitter about the weather (pun fully intended), remember: February is usually worse. So we've got that going for us.

And a bit of absolutely shameless self-promotion. I've had fun starting the "Fan Favorites By The Numbers" series that has been running on the weekend. That will continue this weekend plus we'll kick off the "Fan Foils By The Numbers" series. And I'm fairly confident you might be interested in chatting about our first subject. So tune in this weekend!

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From Cubs Den

  • The Texas Rangers have been a trade partner with the Cubs the last two seasons. And the haul the Cubs received could start paying dividends this season. The Cubs have acquired six prospects from Texas, five of whom will start in Triple-A or the big leagues. And the sixth may be the best of the bunch and is just one level "behind."
  • This article about Javier Baez was accompanied by a picture of a unicorn.
  • John Arguello says it is time for the Cubs to take their bat off their collective shoulder when it comes to dealing with the rooftops.
  • After some time with other news, trade rumors surrounding Jeff Samardzija are back. It still seems unlikely he is dealt during the offseason, though.



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