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Cubs Minor Parts: Jeimer Candelario

Next in a series of profiles of Cubs minor leaguers.

Al Yellon

Realistically, you need to know two things about Cubs prospect Jeimer Candelario. The first is how his Low-A Kane County stat line compares to a "random player" in MiLB history.

Candelario, Age 19: G-130 AB-572 H-128 2B-35 HR-11 AVG-.256 SLG-.396 OPS-.742

Random Player ,Age 18: G-110 AB-465 H-113 2B-19 HR-7 AVG-.268 SLG-382 OPS-.709

In case you're guessing, yes the random player is Miguel Cabrera.

I'm not saying what Candelario will become. I'm saying his flight plan isn't all that much different. To a large extent, it will depend on how much more development he has left to show. Also, his internal desire will play a big role.

The other thing about Candelario is a bit more meta, more hazy. In some way, shape, or form, his family runs a baseball camp in the Dominican Republic. While you might think I'm making the "more likely to improve better" jump, I'll leave that for others. If his family is running a baseball camp, and Candelario is enjoying his stay with the Cubs organization, his family might be a nice "little bird on the shoulder" to have in the system.

As long as Candelario is happy how he's being treated, I wouldn't doubt that Cubs apparel being spread across a locker room wouldn't be a bad thing. Also, if there is a kid who looks about ready to turn the corner in the camp, a well-timed phone call to the applicable scout might get a kid a deal at a nice price.

But, that's silly. You can't prove it. There's no........

It's my article. If people that know stuff about baseball like the Cubs as a system, that sure beats having to outbid a history of shredding arms and ruining careers. Not like that's ever happened.

Look for Candelario hitting in the middle of the order in Daytona (High-A) come April. That Candelario is one in a line of hitting prospects is a far better thing than when determining who will be the third baseman in a few years was based on free agency or trades alone.