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Cubs Rumors: Masahiro Tanaka Will Meet With Cubs In Chicago

You've been begging for actual player rumors or news; there's been none so far in 2014. Well, here's one to chew on.

Koji Watanabe

News item:

This has to be counted in the "encouraging" category for the Cubs to sign the Japanese righthander, the fact that he's willing to travel from Japan to Chicago to meet with Cubs management. I have to assume the White Sox are also serious about pursuing Tanaka, though I'd think the Cubs could outbid them.

We've gone over what Tanaka would mean to the franchise, both in terms of performance on the field and the marketing/fanbase boost his signing would mean. I'll just reiterate my feeling that the Cubs should do everything they possibly can to get him in blue pinstripes before his posting period ends 17 days from now, January 24.

One more thing -- it's a good thing Tanaka wasn't in Chicago yesterday or today. I don't think it gets this cold in Japan. At least it'll be above freezing by later this week. Just about Opening Day weather!

Get it done, Theo.