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Cubs Spring Training First Workout Days Announced

Still cold? Feel like this winter will never end? Here's some good news!

Major League Baseball Thursday announced the first workout dates for all teams. It had been previously noted that Cubs pitchers and catchers will officially report February 13 -- that's one day after they're going to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cubs Park.

Pitchers and catchers will have their first official workout the next day, Friday, February 14. That's only five weeks from tomorrow!

Then, the first full-squad workouts will happen the following Wednesday, February 19. It hasn't yet been made official, but I'm assuming the Cubs will have a couple of intrasquad games in the few days following that, in advance of the first spring-training game at Cubs Park, against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Thursday, February 27 -- just seven weeks from today!

It might seem snowy and cold now. But baseball isn't very far away. And hopefully, Masahiro Tanaka will be one of the Cubs pitchers reporting February 13.

We can dream, can't we?