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Cub Tracks Expands Its Reach

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Watching the playoffs has Neil Ramirez itching to pitch in October. That story plus prospect award nominations, more comparisons to the Royals, and very colorful maps in the Tuesday morning edition of Cub Tracks.

Your time will come soon, Neil. Hopefully.
Your time will come soon, Neil. Hopefully.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Several of the major outlets have nothing new to report including, CBS Chicago, the Sun-Times, and the Daily Herald. So what's a Cub Tracks to do? Expand to some other sources, of course.

Just think: Soon the playoffs will be over and then you'll be treated to 10 stories per edition about Jon Lester.

From Comcast SportsNet:


From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:

From Cubs Den:

From Cubbies Crib:

From Chicago Cubs 101:


Today's food for thought: