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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 16

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Now there's real action! The bleachers are coming down.

David Sameshima won't be able to get back to Wrigley Field until Friday, but never fear! BCB's Danny Rockett was at the ballpark Thursday to get photos as the bleacher demolition cranked into high gear with actual destruction of the steel and concrete at the top of left field.

Some are sad, but I can't get too worked up over this; in fact, it's kind of exciting. The historic bleachers that I knew for decades were knocked down in 2005, and these bleachers are just nine years old, though filled with many memories, particularly of the two division titles I witnessed from there in 2007 and 2008. I figure I spent about 700 or so games in the new bleachers and about 1,600 or so in the old -- and there are memories from both places that I hold in my Cubs fan heart. Those will never go away.

What is going to replace them will be different, for sure. The experience will change with the video board. But it'll still be Wrigley, the friends I share the games with will remain the same, and hopefully the revenue added from the video board and other parts of the renovation plan will help bring a World Series to the North Side.

In addition to the photos, Danny took the following short videos.