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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 16, Part 2

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We've got more photos from the demolition of the left-field bleachers Thursday.

BCB's David Sameshima did make it to Wrigley Field Thursday afternoon, in time to see more of the Brandenburg crew's work on taking down the left-field bleachers.

Quite a number of people have posted various links from other sources on Facebook in the last 24 hours, posting things that make it seem as if a member of their family just died. This, in my view, is way over-the-top. First of all, these particular bleachers were only nine years old. There are memories in that steel and concrete, but in the end, it's just steel and concrete. It's going to be replaced with something better, in my opinion. Different? Absolutely. With video boards, Wrigley Field won't ever look the same.

But the people will be the same, unless they choose to swear off Cubs baseball just because there's a video scoreboard behind them, which would be silly, in my view. What makes being a Cubs fan great is the people you share it with, whether it's here at BCB, with your friends at home, or at the ballpark.

Remember the past. Cherish your memories. But this isn't a time for sadness, it's a time to look forward to a better future.

We'll have more photos, hopefully later today. I'm guessing the right-field bleachers are coming down soon.