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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 17

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There wasn't much demolition going on at Wrigley Field, but Tom Ricketts was there with some friends.

The right-field bleachers (and part of the left-field side) still stand at Wrigley Field as of Friday; most of the crew work going on there, as you can see by these photos, was of cleanup. Some of the right-field bleacher benches have been removed, but most remain.

Amd you can also see a familiar face in some of these pictures: Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, escorting some red-clad friends around Wrigley. Here's the story, as reported by BCB's David Sameshima:

I began today's visit in RF and saw the marquee last. Before seeing the marquee, I saw Tom Ricketts on Waveland. I took a few photos of him near the firehouse.When I made it to the corner of Clark and Waveland, I saw many Nebraska fans walking down the street -- Nebraska is in town to play Northwestern tomorrow. When I finally saw the marquee, I started asking them about this event. Nobody knew anything about it. They were just there to visit the neighborhood before the game. There were quite a few Nebraska-clad fans wandering around Clark and Addison, but no one seemed to know about any event.As I was about to leave, three charter coach buses pulled up outside on Addison. They started to enter, through the United Club entrance. That's where I saw Tom Ricketts greeting everyone from the buses. Evidently the United Club facilities are still open for business.

You'll also see the right-field patio, basically intact, in some of these images. As I noted in the post about the groundbreaking ceremony last Saturday, the LED board that sits under this patio has been removed (as well as the beer-company ad on the little red hut), but otherwise the patio is unchanged.

More updates to come; there's not likely to be much work done over the weekend, though David or I might stop by just to check.