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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 18

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The demolition crew moved from left field to the area behind the Wrigley scoreboard on Saturday.

When the Wrigley Field restoration/renovation/expansion project began a few weeks ago, the Cubs announced that the crews would generally be working Monday through Friday, but would also work some weekends.

This weekend is no exception as Saturday, they began taking down the walkway/patio located behind the Wrigley Field scoreboard, above the bleacher entrance at Waveland and Sheffield. BCB's David Sameshima took the photos of the work that you see above and filed this report:

There are no further changes in left field; they are just using the left-field area to pile debris. When I arrived, half of the center-field patio was already gone. They were using a Bobcat on the patio level. It was equipped with a jackhammer-type device which was breaking up the deck. The Budweiser Patio shack was being dismantled, and it appears that the right-field benches have been removed.Just as with what happened in left field, the concrete in the first few right-field rows has been removed. You can see daylight coming through.

David says he expects to be back at Wrigley to take more photos later this morning, and I hope to have them available to post either late Sunday or early Monday.