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MLB, Fox Streaming Postseason Games

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It's a step in the right direction.


If you've been missing watching postseason games because you're away from your TV, MLB and Fox have an answer for you, at least for some of the games:

There is, of course, always a catch:

So if you have a subscription to one of those cable providers, you can download the Fox Sports GO app for your smartphone or tablet and log in using your user name and password for that provider. I just did this myself on my Android phone and it works just fine -- in fact, it separates out the events by channel (Fox Sports, FS1, or your local Fox-TV over-the-air station).

This will allow you, if you have such a subscription, to watch National League Division Series, NLCS or World Series games if you're away from your TV. I have heard that TBS has a similar app for watching their live stream, but in looking at it on Google Play, the reviews are pretty bad (most of them say it's crashing for no particular reason), so take that for what it's worth.

This is supposed to be a test of sorts for 2015. MLB is considering lifting blackouts in local markets if you have a cable subscription, so you'd be able to watch on your mobile device anything you've already paid for via your home cable subscription (example: I pay for cable and can watch all Cubs games at home, this would allow me to watch them while I'm at Wrigley).

Baby steps. We can only hope that they'll lift all the blackouts soon.