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MLB Bullets Returns To The Field

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The Giants win the pennant! Did Mike Matheny lose it? The World Series starts tomorrow in Kansas City. Several looks at both teams. Is Buster Posey the "face of baseball"? And fans don't storm the field anymore. Probably a good thing, but still.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I thank Russ for filling in for me on Friday as I was taking care of some family business. I was driving in my car listening to KNBR when Travis Ishikawa hit the pennant-winning home run and yes, I did say to my wife "THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT, THE GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT" just because how could you resist?

By the way, here's Russ Hodges calling the Ishikawa home run.

You also all realize that Bruce Bochy just punched his ticket to the Hall of Fame, right? He now has as many pennants as Tommy Lasorda and as many World Series titles, with the possibility of going one ahead of Lasorda in titles if the Giants beat the Royals.

Still no baseball game today. But if the rest of the postseason is any indication, we'll get a great one tomorrow.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Because the World Series is going to start!