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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 19

Sunday was a day of rest for the demolition crew, but we have photos anyway.

BCB photographer David Sameshima stopped by Wrigley Field Sunday to see what was happening with the bleacher demolition, only to find no work going on.

Nevertheless, he took a number of photos. One of the things that's useful about being there when there's no work going on is that it's easier to see the progress of the job. In these photos you can see exactly what's done and what remains to be completed of the demolition work, as well as how much debris is left over.

One thing you can see in the last few photos of this gallery is that all the concrete panels have been removed from the west side of the ballpark. This is to eventually re-do that side and add an entrance/exit there, something Wrigley has never had.

You can also see (photo 4) that a portion of the brick wall has been left -- that was the VIP entrance on Sheffield. Given that some bricks were removed from that portion of the wall, I assume this will eventually be taken down, but I'm not sure why it hasn't been, yet.

There should be more work done Monday, and we'll have photos here later.