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Wrigley Field Construction Update: October 20

Work resumed on the demolition of the bleachers Monday.

BCB's David Sameshima and I were both at Wrigley today, though at different times. There wasn't a whole lot of work going on when I was there, except for a lot of pushing together debris on the Waveland side.

David's report:

There’s no further demolition work in right field today. There is street utility work being done on Sheffield. Also note the pile of benches that I saw on the right-field side. It doesn’t appear that they plan on reusing them. A fuel truck was on Waveland to refuel equipment. Engine Company 78 got their regular rig back. Waveland Avenue between Clark and Seminary got narrowed.

I was watching them do something on Waveland west of Seminary, but wasn't sure exactly what that was. The narrowing appears to be only temporary, given the nature of the barricades, but it could be made permanent eventually.

Several other people with cameras were walking around taking photos while I was there; one man shimmied up a tree at the corner of Waveland and Kenmore to get a better look. I'd have done that myself, probably, if he hadn't already been there. A couple of the other people with cameras offered to take my picture with the ballpark in the background. I turned them down; my memories are enough for me.

More to come, likely tomorrow.